Technology Perspective

The mobile ecosystem is rich in innovation, from personal devices such as cell phones and tablets to automobiles and service providers. Sofinnova maintains excellent relationships within this ecosystem, fostered from decades of focused experience. Our team and our resources are meant to be a start-up's "tool box" for success. We not only make financial investments, we invest our team's time, energy, and experience into each company.

We maintain a strong belief system that the best companies are built with strong technology underpinnings. Our portfolio includes semiconductors, materials, energy technologies, infrastructure software, systems and applications targeting enterprise, service provider and consumer opportunities. Our partners have invested in some of the most exciting and dynamic companies—including, one of the most successful IPOs in business history. The investment we make is more than financial however. We also invest our team's time, energy, and experience into each company in support of the dedicated entrepreneurial teams that are leading the charge.

Through both our industry and investment endeavors, we have gained a panoramic view of the market that allows us to assist our portfolio companies with deal sourcing. We know their customer base, whether in Silicon Valley, Stockholm or Bangalore.